Download Instructions For Creating a Requisition

  1. Log into our system using Chrome Browser.


  2. From the left menu select Physician Portal.


  3. Click on Pending Lab Work Tab on the Top, Then Click on Plus (+) Sign  Add Requisition


  4. Client Site (Should Already be set up)  Please click on the facility/clinic

  5. Choose the Ordering Physician

  6. Sample Type  this can be

    1. Urine

    2. Blood

    3. Buccal Swab

  7. Select Collection Date

  8. Contact  would be the person entering the data

  9. Click on Patient or Add a New Patient

  10. Add a New Patient


    1. Click on the Plus Sign (+)

    2. Add Patient Demographics

    3. Adding Patient Insurance  BILL

      1. Commercial – Bill Insurance

        1. Add Insurance Company

        2. Click Self or Subscriber and put in demographics

        3. Enter Policy Number

        4. Enter Group Number

      2. Patient – Bill Patient

      3. Client – Bill Client for Patient Test

  11. Back onto the General Tab  Enter ICD 10 code or if the Patient has already been enter before the ICD will allow previous ICD to be entered


  12. Select Panel or Drug Classes testing for Specimen  Click SAVE



  13. Middle Tab INSURANCE

    1. Patient Insurance should already be there  only update if Insurance has changed

  14. Last Tab – Medication & POCT  Click SAVE

    1. Enter POCT (Optional)

    2. Enter Medicine


  15. Summary of Requisition  Look over and Click CONFIRM


  16. Test Requisition will pop-up  PRINT out requisition with label paper


    1. Two Barcode Label: Put one label on the cup (extra label for more than one specimen)

    2. Two Strip Label: Put one label on the cup (extra label for more than one specimen)  PATIENT to initial specimen