Oral Testing Services


Our comprehensive oral fluid confirmation method has been designed to specifically target parent compounds and metabolites expected in the oral fluid matrix. Our oral fluid laboratory test panels are ideal for recent use detection and ease of use. 

Although not all drugs and metabolites are detectable in saliva, oral fluids analysis may be the best choice for drug detection in a person who is unable to void sufficient urine or where urine adulteration is a concern. Unlike urine where it may take up to 24 hours for compounds to appear in the urine, when taken at therapeutic or recreational levels, drugs and metabolites can be detected in the oral fluid in the hours after consumption depending on the compound and the dose. 

The advantages of oral fluid analysis are detection of the most recent use of compounds, longer detection windows for some compounds (ex. 6MAM), minimally invasive sampling procedures, and the benefit of witnessing the sampling process.


- Highly customized panel options 

- Better recent-use indicator than urine

- Non-invasive and no exposure to specimen

- Collection device provides better THC recovery and volume indicator 

- Fast turn around from time of receipt of specimen - (48 hours negative, 72 hours positive)